Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Monster High Dracualura Doll Repaint~ Demo

After I finished giving my Monster High Doll Draculaura a new cute and sassy hair style, I gave her a repaint. This post shows some of the progression photos from start to finish on her repaint.

 Above: I always wrap the heck out of the dolls hair. I fashion a wrap from a white paper towel, tape around the edges and pin it to the head. The body is wrapped in a white cloth. Why the emphasis on white? Cause dyes from paper towels can stain the doll. Guess how I learned that?

Next, Factory paint removed with 100% acetone, as always. She is now ready for about three layers of spray sealer. I generally wait 15-30 minutes between coats of sealer.

Draculaura monster high doll repaint demo

 Something strange happened with the above photo. It looks different here than on my computer- it appears here as if there is a dark shadow in the tear duct of each eye. There isn't. It's pink like it should be. Odd.

Above- I have started to place the outline for the shape of her eyes and irises. I want smaller, more realistic eyes on this Draculaura repaint.

Draculaura repaint in progress

Above: Eyes have been given more defined shape and upper eyelid sketched in with watercolor pencil.  I have begun to draw in  the base shape for the brows in a lighter pink shade of watercolor pencil. Rose toned pastels were used around nose and between eyes.  The first layers of color have been added to the irises. I sealed her after this layer of color.

Monster High Draculaura repaint in progress

 Above: Eyebrows have been deepened with pastels and a darker shade of watercolor pencil. Brown pastels used under eyes. Lashes penciled in. Iris color was made darker with more layers of pastels and watercolor pencils.  Again, she was sealed.

Draculaura monster high doll repaint demo

Above:I have started shading in her lips with pastels and added facial blushing. Another layer of lashes was added in a darker shade. Iris color deepened.  Almost done.

Repainted draculaura monster high doll demo

 Above: I have added the highlights to her eyes and done some more detailing on the lips. She has a slight sheen to her lips as I use a layer of Liquitex sealer after the last coating of spray sealer was used.  The repaint part is done.

Her hair, however, is a mess. The bangs need to be fixed. I read about a really simple way of doing this kind of hair fix for messed up bangs, and I can't believe I never came across this in the past 13 years I have been customizing dolls. You can learn new stuff all the time! I didn't save the link but I remember what they did.

To fix Draculaura's messed up bangs, I used a damp cloth ( white ) and an iron set on LOW.

I wrapped Draculaura's head in the damp cloth, making sure her bangs were covered.

 When the iron was warm, I ironed over her bangs to press them down into position. The damp cloth prevents the hair from getting too hot, which of course would melt it as doll hair is made from synthetic materials. I had to go over the bangs a couple times to make sure they would lay flat.

Bangs are laying flatter than they were...LOL!!

Repainted Draculaura Monster High Doll

Above: The completed repaint and hair. Super cute if you ask me. :) Better pics will be taken for her Etsy or eBay sales page. Thanks for looking.


  1. I would really like to know what kind of spray sealer you use.

    1. Mister Super Clear or Testors Dullcote

  2. Hey Great Dolls. Please keep up the awesome job you are doing. Thanks


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