Friday, May 23, 2014

Briar Beauty ~ An Ever After High Repaint

 Today's repaint is on Briar Beauty. Briar Beauty is one of the Ever After High Doll original characters from the first wave of dolls released.

Briar Beauty Ever After High Doll
Briar Beauty Ever After Doll

Ever After High Dolls are similar in size to Monster High Dolls, but not as thin. They have the same articulation, and their hands pop off as well for ease of redressing.

The only thing that many of us don't seem to like as much about the Ever After High Dolls versus the Monster High Dolls is that they all share the same face mold. Their faces are rather large and flat, with no definitive eye mold. This can present a problem for some people when repainting them, especially those who are new to repainting.

For repainting an Ever After Doll, you have to be able to draw on the eyes evenly, which vexes a lot of us even after many years of repainting dolls. However, it also presents a great opportunity to drastically alter the appearance of these dolls.

You can make the eyes large and comic like, or smaller and more realistic. The shape of the eyes can range from almond shaped, round and doe-eyed, slanted, narrow or even closed. That is one of the fun things about repainting Ever After High Dolls, their flexibility.

I'm drawn to painting smaller eyes on these dolls, as I prefer a more realistic appearance and try to keep away from a cartoonish look.  But once in a while I wander off the beaten path. Today's repaint of Briar Beauty falls somewhere in the middle. She has larger eyes, but I painted them conventionally, with a neutral pallet aside from her iris's.

Here is her repaint progression in pictures. I'm not showing every single step as that would make this a book instead of a blog post. :) Only the obvious steps have been noted. In between various steps, sealing has taken place.

Briar Beauty repaint
Picture #1 Just starting the outlines of the eyes

In the above photo I have begun to outline the eye shape and applied some shading with pastels below her eyes. The outline was done with A Derwent watercolor pencil in Burnt Umber. I like this color because it usually goes on dark enough to see and is also good for eyebrow hairs and eyelashes when you want something less deep than pure black.

Briar Beauty repaint
Picture #2 Shadow and light added

Above: Using pastels in a muted brownish-pink I shaded above her eyes. It is a Unison color, #RE5. Unison doesn't give their pastels names, just a number. It's a nice earthy neutral that is good for shading when you want something less pink.

The shading above her eyes lays the base for a build up of color. Building up color in layers is the trick to creating seamless blended shading for a gradient effect.

I highlighted under her eyes and above her eyes with very thin Golden brand fluid acrylic paint in Titanium White, I also added highlights to her lower lip and above her upper lip. Her sclera was given a preliminary application of white pastel. I no longer paint in the sclera ( eye white ) as it is too harsh for my taste. I also don't bother trying to use a white  watercolor pencil as that doesn't work well either. Building up the color in layers of white pastel work best for me.

I decided on a side glancing eye and lightly penciled in the shape.She will be looking up and to the left.

Briar Beauty Ever After High repaint
Picture #3 Lips and shading

Above: Lots more happened here. I penciled in the lip shape and when I was happy with it, I painted over it in a wine color. I left the center unpainted to let the highlights show through. It will be shaded in later. I decided I wanted her to have a slightly open mouth so I painted in a hint of upper teeth, using Golden brand Titanium White.

Shading with a raw umber pastel was added above the eyes and the upper lid was drawn in with a watercolor pencil in burnt umber.  The nose was outlined and shaded. The tear ducts have been shaded with a light pink.

Briar Beauty Ever After High repaint
Picture #4 Briar gets her eyebrows

Above: I stared drawing in the shape of Briar's eyebrows. Usually I do this much earlier in the repaint, but somehow didn't this time. The outline is done with watercolor pencil in burnt umber again. Burnt umber,  black, and white are possibly my most used colors.

A thin wash of color was painted on her lips and as you can see, the highlights below still show through.

Ever After High Doll repaint
Picture #5 Nearing completion

Above: individual hairs were drawn in on the eyebrows. A little color was added over the pencil with a very light brown pastel. White highlighting was added under the brows.

I have started to add more color to the iris's. I usually use a combination of watercolor pencils and pastels to shade iris's. Pencils used were Derwent in King Fisher Blue and Jade Green.

As usual. I got caught up in my work and neglected to take subsequent photos of Briar's repaint process. Before we see the finished doll, I will add that I also used cadmium yellow and grass green pencil to finish her iris's.

Her lashes were done in 2-3 layers with burnt umber and bark pencils by Derwent.

Facial blush was applied with pastels.

The eyes were sealed with a very slight gloss, and the lips with a high gloss sealer. These are brush on sealers, which I use OVER the spray sealer once it is dry. I use Liquitex sealers in matte and gloss.

Her body was sprayed with sealer and shading added to appropriate  areas. I also painted her fingernails. 

Here is Briar Beauty- repainted but still nude. I will do her final photos when I put her up for sale.

 I hope you enjoyed watching Briar's repaint. Come back again soon and please share if you like my post.


  1. She's gorgeous! I just went to your etsy site and realized I'm one of your customers! Lol! Love your stuff. Thanks for all of the great info.

  2. Thanks so much- and I knew I recognized your name..:)))


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