Sunday, May 25, 2014

Draculaura and Lagoona Hair Restyle Short & Curly Boil Perm

I saw the cutest picture on Pinterest of one of the Monster High Dolls with a short curly hair style. Usually I am a fan of long hair and don't do many short hairstyles for my Monster girls. This was too cute to resist and whenever I see something I like I have to try it.

I decided that Draculaura should have the new cute look, but then Lagoona asked me for it as well. So, I had to comply.

Draculaura Doll Monster High

Lagoona Doll Monster High

Normally when I do a boil perm on a doll I use perm rods- real ones- the kind us humans use on our hair.  Perm rods are usually best when you want to do a spiral perm or create a cascade of curls due to the length of the rod, which lends itself to rolling up lots of hair.

End papers and perm rods
Perm Rods and End Papers

In this case though, I needed to roll up smaller sections of less hair so I had to revert to an old tried and true method of using straws as hair rollers. When you use straws as hair rollers you have to use pins to attach them to the head during the process. With perm rods. once you roll them up, they stay in place by themselves.

I started by trimming the girls hair by about half. I wanted it around shoulder length, but any shorter and I would not have been able to roll it up. There needs to be enough hair to go around the straws.

Lagoona and Dracualura boil perm

When you roll doll hair on a straw or a perm rod, you have to use "end paper"- this is very thin small sheets of paper that is sort of like tissue paper, which you can substitute for end papers. This keeps the hair in place on the straws or perm rods. If you are using straws, you will have to cut them into shorter lengths of about an inch or so. You need to stick pins through the straws into the head to hold them down.  They can be seen in the above photo.

As you can see in the photos above, I have rolled the hair on straws. You always have to wet the hair prior to rolling it up for perming. Also, make sure you do this BEFORE you do your repaint or faceup. Excess handling of the head and steam could ruin your repaint if you tried to give your Monster High Doll a boil perm after the faceup.

After the hair is rolled up, get a pot of water on the stove and let it come to a boil. The head is dipped into the boiled water for about 30-45 seconds for saran hair, about 20 seconds for nylon. I "think" these girls have saran hair. I read it online somewhere.

As soon as the hair has been immersed for the desired length of time, plunge the head into cold water to set the curl and stop the action of the hot water. The hot water breaks down the plastic so it softens a bit allowing it to take on the new shape of the curl, and the cold water sets the shape.

I like to leave the hair on the rollers and let it dry naturally. It may take several hours to dry. Once dry, remove the pins and unroll the hair. I always add a little hair gel to the curl to allow it to set and not get all frizzed out on me.

Here are the girls when they were done and have had had their repaints done.  You can see Draculaura's repaint procedure in the next blog post. Leave me a comment if you have any questions. Thanks :)

Draculaura and Lagoona repaint

Draculaura and Lagoona repaint and boil perm

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