Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mohair for me~ My Doll Hair Obsession

 Mohair, Teeswater locks, Tibetan Lamb- Hair for Dolls that I love.

I began to notice that I had a doll hair obsession last summer. I found that I could get the coolest mohair, Teeswater locks, Cotswold locks and Tibetan Lamb on Etsy. So I pretty much bought it all.

A couple hundred dollars and 50 shades of hair later, I had more than enough hair for at least my next fifty Monster High Doll reroots. The variety of colors was mind blowing.

Have you ever seen Teeswater locks? This is one of my Monster High Doll Draculaura repaints with Teeswater locks.

Teeswater Locks on Custom Draculaura OOAK Doll
Teeswater locks on Draculaura. 

Teeswater locks are very expensive, imported from the UK and simply stunning. They can run from 10" - 12" long though- longer than a Monster High Doll is tall.  Teeswater locks are great for fairies or mermaids especially where you want that other worldly look.

If you are in the market for any of the natural fibers for your custom Monster High Dolls, I recommend Etsy. Search under Mohair, Doll Hair, etc.  A word to the wise though, a lot of the people who produce these beautiful fibers don't make them for dolls specifically. The dyes they use may stain your Monster High Doll.

 I bought some gorgeous silky soft mohair and applied it ( or started to ) to a Draculaura. I nearly cried. The black dye stained her skin within minutes. I pulled the hair off, and got the dye off asap. What I do now with dark colors is make sure they are natural. In other words, I don't buy any black or brown that is dyed. It has to be the natural color of the fiber. Sometimes brights stain too- orange, yellow, red. It is trial and error, but for the majority of time all the doll hair I have bought on Etsy was colorfast.

If you buy locks on Etsy you are most likely buying  them by the ounce. They will be bagged and come kind of tangled and messy looking. You may think all is lost when you see how awful locks can look upon arrival.

I bought a mixed bag from a marvelous woman in Canada. This is how the hair arrived:

Doll hair- mixed
Doll hair as it came out of the bag.

These locks were mixed colors and fibers. What I first did was separate them by color. 

Mixed colors doll hair mohair locks
Mixed locks need to be picked apart and arranged.

Then when I had them all in separate piles, I started pulling  individual locks out of the tangled clumps they come in. I place them with all the tops together nicely and then when they are all separate locks I bundle them together.

brown mohair locks for dolls

Then I do the same to each color and put them in plastic bags for storage. Here is one of several hair drawers I have in my doll studio. Separated and organized by color.

doll hair assorted wool locks

And just because they are so pretty, I have to show you some other colors I bought on Etsy.

Fuchsia and yellows- from Etsy- Hair Locks

Plummy Goodness! Hair locks from Etsy

Lovely Earth Tones- Locks from Etsy

I have enough Mohair and TeesWater Locks and Cotswold Locks for a while....but SARAN HAIR! That's another story.


  1. Do you do an actual re-root with these types of locks, or are they affixed with glue or other methods? I could not imagine doing an actual re-root with these!

  2. Hi Anita,
    Actually I do a combination of both on the head. Around the back and sides I use FabriTac Glue for most of it, as well as part of the top. Around the hairline in front I have used a punch rooting tool. I have to be careful in front as I don't want the glue to show at all. Using a rooting tool for pushing the mohair ( or whatever lock ) into the holes works well, but you have to anchor it inside by painting a little thinned down white glue on the inside of the head. This makes the "punched in" hair stay secure. I don't think it is possible to do it the way you are imagining...LOL....but we still call it rerooting rather than..rehairing? I don't care for that term. Sounds funny. :) Thanks so much for visiting and being my FIRST comment on my new blog!

  3. The doll in the photo with the teeswater hair has to be the most amazing looking doll I have ever seen. She is gorgeous. I like to collect troll dolls and a few barbies, but I would definately like to have one some of these.
    So cool!!!


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