Sunday, May 11, 2014

Monster High Doll Commission Tales~ The Peacock Part One

 A Custom Monster High Doll Commission- The process of my Peacock Fairy

Anyone who customizes dolls knows that things don't always come easy or go as planned. Sometimes a Monster High or Barbie doll commission can get pretty complex and present challenges. This is partly why I like commissions. They inspire and allow me to think of new methods to create something. This particular commission had a few stumbling blocks along the way.

One of my regular commission clients had a fun request for me this month. She asked if I could make her a Monster High Doll to look like a Peacock- kind of like a Peacock Fairy with a fancy tail and wings. The repaint was going to be based off a Frankie Stein I had on eBay a few months back that had lots of peacock colors in her makeup pallet. The hair would be mohair in shades of teal.

The costume idea was hers- a long gown with a feathered tail and big wings- all made with peacock and other complimentary feathers.

Anyone who does custom outfits for Monster High Dolls know about the unique and annoying problem that occurs after they are clothed. You go to put the doll on her doll stand and because the stand grips them about the waist, the clothing bunches and gets displaced. It just looks bad.

Because I do so many doll commissions in costume and full dressed OOAK Monster High dolls, the stand always presents a problem for me. And, because the dress had a train of feathers, there could be no upright post behind the doll.  The dress would be skin tight too, so my fall back option wouldn't work either. I had to resort to something I had never tried before, and thank goodness it worked because I was out of options.

I took a Barbie Doll straddle stand- This one:

Barbie Doll Straddle Stand

If you have ever tried to use a Barbie Doll stand for a Monster High Doll, you know there is a problem. Barbies are 11-1/2" tall, while Monster High Dolls are only 10". So the straddle stands are too tall for them.  For this doll, and this dress, it did not present a problem.

I designed the dress so that the bottom covered her feet and stand. The straddle part slipped up between her legs and is completely hidden by the dress.

Monster High Doll with Barbie Stand

The bottom of the dress actually looks nicer hanging down as opposed to laying flat on the ground.  Problem number one solved. On to the wings and tail. See Part Two of The Peacock Monster High Doll Commission

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