Sunday, May 11, 2014

Monster High Doll Commission Tales ~ The Peacock Part Two

 Peacock Fairy Custom Monster High Doll- the Fairy Wings

Continued from Part One- The Peacock.

My peacock commission repaint was done. I used Frankie Stein, the same Monster High Doll I used the first time I did a repaint in these same colors. Prior to the repaint I had applied gorgeous mohair locks. The head is always set aside and worked on separately as not to mess up the face as I make the costume.

The next step after the completion of the dress was the wings. Over the past 13 years I have made literally hundreds of fairies, usually Barbie, and some Monster High. In all those years I had only made feather wings a few times. I love feathers but for some reason always chose other methods to make my fairy wings. In fact, I wrote two entire instructional tutorials CDs how to make Fairy Wings. 

This Peacock Fairy style doll had to have feather wings.  Applying wings to a Monster High Doll presents challenges also, due to her small back area. I didn't want to make them with a stretch band that goes across the chest as I do when I make removable wings.  These were going to be a little larger so they needed to be more secure.

First thing I did was made a template for my wing shape out of heavy card stock. I then covered the template with fabric, using FabriTac Glue- my favorite permanent and fast drying glue.

Then I applied a base layers of green feathers to both the front and back of the wings base to completely cover the fabric, except for where it would rest against her back. FabriTac Glue was used again.

I believe these are called coque saddle feathers. Usually I would purchase feathers off eBay, but these I purchased locally. The coque feathers came off a Christmas decorative pick. It's actually a great way to source pretty feathers if you can get them on sale after the holidays when they have been marked down.

Rooster Coque Saddle  Feathers

The peacock feathers came from eBay. They are called peacock eye feathers. I only needed a couple of these for the front of the wings. Here the wings are before being applied to the back of the doll. There will still be more feathers added once they are on the doll.

Peacock Feather Wings in Progress

Since these wings won't be removable, they needed to be secure. When I used to make a lot of fairy dolls,  the wings were always held on by glue, and also by using a staple gun. Not a desk stapler, but a staple gun.

Feather Wings

FabriTac Glue was once again used to initially apply the wings to my Monster High Doll peacock fairy. Basically it holds them on, but I prefer to give an added method of securing them. I used a smaller staple gun and added two staples in the middle of the wings. Between the glue and the staples, these wings aren't moving.

When you glue or staple a set of wings to a doll, you will need to hide the staple. I added some complimentary colored feathers to the back center of the wings

Peacock Feather Wings view from the back

Here are the wings from the front. I really like how they came out and now am inspired to make more feather wings for my Monster High girls.

Peacock Feather Wings for Monster High Doll Fairy

Next step in this commission is the peacock tail. This presented another challenge. Come read about it in Part Three of The Peacock

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