Sunday, May 11, 2014

Monster High Doll Commission Tales - The Peacock Part Three

 Monster High Doll Peacock Fairy Commission - Making the Peacock Feather Tail

Continued from Part two-

With the hair, repaint, dress and wings complete, the last thing to do was make the huge tail for my Peacock Fairy doll.

 I decided that the feathers for the tail had to be attached to something other than the dress. I needed to construct a base of some sort. I ended up buying a peacock feather pad like this one.

Ironically, most of the peacock feather pad ended up being hidden by the additional feathers. I added peacock eye feathers and more of the green coque saddle feathers all around the edge till I got this:

Peacock Feather Tail

So I had a beautiful tail made and now had to figure out how to attache it to the train of the dress.  The problem I was going to have was that when I packed this doll for shipping ( halfway around the world no less ) I didn't want the tail to be damaged. Keeping this in mind, I determined that it would have to be removable.

How do you make a feather tail removable? The only way I could come up with was snaps. It had to be easy for my client to attach the tail.

So I had to make a base out of fabric that the snaps could be sewn to. I used heavier snaps because I didn't want the tail to fall off easily.

The snaps and the base for the tail

Looks pretty awful I know, but this is all going to be hidden.

Now that I had the removable base made, all I did was attach it to the feathered tail with FabriTac Glue.

Feather pad glued to snap on base

When I tried in on the dress it didn't lay right, so I added a row of marabou trim around the bottom that matched the trim on the back of of the wings.

Marabou trim added-looks better from all sides.

I snapped it on the back of the dress and it was perfect! Now the tail can be removed and packed securely for shipping. Here are photos of the finished doll, my Monster High Doll Peacock Fairy is complete.

I hope you enjoyed reading about this special OOAK Custom Peacock Fairy Doll.


  1. Fantastic!!! Love my doll Donna! All the best, Fernanda

  2. You are a amazing doll artist. I love looking at this site. Can't wait to get your cd that I ordered. Thanks for sharing so much information for a beginner like myself, it is kind of you.


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