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Monster High Doll Hair Removal Tutorial- the FAST and EASY Way.

I read a lot of message boards and I always see the exact same advice given on how to remove your Monster High Doll's hair. Following this commonly found advice you can expect to spend 30-60 minutes picking out hair from your doll's head.  In this tutorial I show you how to remove doll hair in less than five minutes.

The first thing we are going to do is prepare your Monster High doll to remove her hair so that you can reroot her, make her a wig, or apply mohair to a nice clean bare scalp. No messy nubs left!

I hope you will excuse me for using two different dolls in this tutorial as I forgot to photograph a few steps with Draculaura.

The prep time is about ten minutes, but the actual hair removal process is only a couple minutes. It is important to use the tools I list below. The common method everyone seems to use utilizes tweezers. This is what takes so long. They simply cannot grab and yank like the tool I use that makes it so super fast and easy. With a tweezer you are going to be pulling tiny bits and it can take 30 minutes to a hour this way.

Tools needed: Scissors, a metal letter open, a Hemostat ( a WHAT?)

remove doll hair with a hemostat
Metal letter opener and a hemostat

WHAT is a Hemostat? A hemostat is the device above. It has a handle that looks like scissors, but the other end looks like flattened blades with serrated teeth. These teeth grab the hair and hold on. The scissor style handle  allow you to tighten or loosen your grip on the hair. I cannot stress how easy it is to remove doll hair with a hemostat. I bought mine about ten years ago on Amazon for less than ten bucks and it has removed the hair from hundreds of dolls. What makes a hemostat so great is that the blade part is long and skinny enough to fit inside a Monster High ( or Barbie ) head and reach all areas inside the head easily.

This is the exact one I use to remove doll hair.

1.) Cut all her hair off as close to the scalp as possible. If you use a nice sharp sewing scissors, it is easier than using some kind of craft scissors which are usually not as sharp.

how to remove your monster high dolls hair
Draculaura has her hair cut down to the scalp

2.) Next, you have to remove her head. We can do this one of two ways. The first way is to aim a hot blowdryer at the back of her neck where it meets the head. In a minute or so the vinyl will be soft enough so that you can pull her head straight up and it will release easily from the anchors that hold it on.

The second way to remove the head will work well for this particular hair removal as it utilizes something we need anyways- a pot of boiling water.

Put a pot of water on the stove and when it comes to a boil, turn it off and place your Monster High doll's head into the pot of hot water. Leave it for a minute or so. Remove from water and using a towel to protect your hand from burns, grab the head and pull straight up. It will pull right off.

3.) Now, take the head and toss it back in the still hot water. Leave it for about three minutes but not so long that the water cools. The head has to be in HOT water- really hot.
Do you know why? To melt all that ungodly glue that Mattel puts in Monster High doll heads. They don't do this glue thing to Barbie dolls so I have no idea why they insist upon it for Monster High dolls.

Make sure you have your letter opener and hemostat handy. You are going to have to work quickly.

4.) Use a tongs to remove the head and drain the water out. We need to work FAST at this point so the head doesn't cool. This is really important because if the glue starts to solidify, you have to start all over with reheating the head in boiling water.

5.) The clock starts NOW. Take your metal letter opener and start scraping all over the inside of your Monster High doll's head. You will literally see the hair disappear inside the doll's head as the metal edge scraps it free. Use your hemostat to pull the hair that you have scraped loose from within the head. Scrap and pull. This should take you less than 5 minutes. It takes me about two, but I have been doing it for years.

Above- Insert letter opener and start scraping away the hair. 

 Above: Notice the hair is disappearing? It is inside the head.

Remove hair from monster high doll

Above: The hemostat was used to pull out all the gluey chunks.

THIS is what came out of Draculaura's head. Huge gluey chunks of hair. Do you really want to sit there with a tweezers and try to get that mess out?

The hemostat is especially important to get the hair out that is in the part. This area is always more heavily rooted and requires more effort to remove the hair. A hemostat makes very short work of a part. You have to exercise some caution however, as you don't want to use excess force or you may rip a hole in the scalp.

Here is a Frankie I did recently and the large section of hair you see came out in one piece from the part. 

And there you have it- a nicely bald Monster High doll ready for a reroot or a wig.


  1. but it really is done to barbie, her friends and family,and many disney female dolls as well.there's a lot of glue in many heads from mattel toys nowadays. no fooling!!

  2. How can you make a perfectly smooth bald head? I would like to customize a doll that is a bald female so I do not want holes to be visible on scalp. Any suggestions?

    1. You would need to use some kind of modeling compound I imagine....smooth it on wait till dry and sand the heck out of it. Honestly, I have never done this but it must be something similar to this..LOL!

    2. there was a line of monster high build a monster dolls. They had wigs and were bald (but had one hole at the top of the head to anchor the wig). You could probably use one of these dolls instead, or at least the head. Then you could sand down any rough edges and perhaps use "liquid fusion" glue to fill in the hole. Then perhaps airbrush it and seal it with mr. super clear flat uv sealant. Just a thought. Never tried it though.

    3. why dont you make a wig cap that looks similar to the color of your dolls head?

  3. How I wish I had seen this tutorial two days ago! Thanks!

  4. by any chance...
    I want to pen my doll head, insert eyes and then reroot. is there a glue that allows me to close properly and still be able to reroot ? (I bet i'd have to pierces some of the holes again if they fill up with glue but I don't know which glue would work)

    1. I would use something like E-6000 for this. I have done something similar before where I had to slice open the back of the head and then reroot. Pretty sure E-600 was what I used.

  5. Thanks can't wait to try this

  6. What a great tutorial. Thanks! (Yet another use for my hemostat)

  7. I have been looking for wigs online, but haven't found any that are suitable. What site/store would you recommend?

    1. Are you looking for Monster High Wigs Naomi? I generally have at least 40 or so in stock in my Etsy store at

  8. Hi
    I have a crazy question. I want to beable to put custom eyes insert in the monster high doll. Would you have an idea how to go about this?
    Also I'm so happy I found you before starting. I was not liking the other tutorials I saw saying it took days....

    1. Hi Kit,
      I am sorry but I have never done this. I wish I could help you but I have experience with inserted eyes.

  9. Donna Anne your found about year-and-a-half ago when I decided to do face apps and rerooting hair because otherwise I would have been in one of these crazy people on YouTube pulling out the hair 2 hours but luckily I came to your website first and I saw yours and honestly it takes like you said 2 minutes thank you for all your time I know you have a busy at Etsy the store and I'm just thankful that the time that you put on your blog so we done things like this so it would take hours and gets down to minutes be in the Monster High Bible thank you so much

  10. After removing the hair with a pair of tweezers when the head was cold... and I only found this now... *sigh* Anyways, thanks for the tutorial ^^


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