Thursday, May 8, 2014

Monster High Dolls, Hair and Rerooting Part One

 Rerooting Monster High Dolls-   My way to a faster reroot.

One of the really fun things about playing with dolls ( I mean customizing ) for a living is that you get to do all kinds of cool stuff to their hair.  As a kid if you cut off your doll's hair it didn't grow back. That was a sad revelation for many a little girl.

BUT, as and adult who plays with dolls, I can cut off their hair all I want with the knowledge that it may not grow back but I can make it look better than new.

Granted, Monster High dolls do have some pretty nice hair as a rule. There are all different colors that you don't find on a Barbie. But for me, part of the fun of customizing my Monster High dolls is changing the hair. Very few of my custom dolls don't have their hair rerooted or replaced with mohair or some other fiber.

Monster High dolls just cry out for interesting hair. I admit that for the first, oh, about 12 years of my so far 13 year doll customizing career I avoided rerooting like the plague. Then last Christmas I got a commission request for a Princess Bubblegum doll. The doll had to have long pink hair, and it had to be a Draculaura used for the commission.

Like it or not, I had to reroot this Monster High doll if I wanted her to look like Princess Bubblegum.  I ordered the hair from my very favorite source for doll hair, Restore Doll,  Shocking Pink. The name of the color is actually Pinky Pink. I have a kitten by that same name. :)

Draculaura Reroot
Draculaura Monster High doll waiting to be rerooted

There are a couple different ways to approach rerooting a Monster High doll ( or any doll for that matter. ) I don't trust the "punch" rooting method that many doll artists are fond of. Although the hole is suppose to keep the hair intact, I would hate to think that the only thing holding a dolls hair in her head is tension. So, I opt for the hugely time consuming yet ultimately more secure method of hand knotting every single hair plug.

Even though knotting all the plugs is more time consuming, I came up with a way that seems like it takes less time, but I don't know if it actually does. What I do is pre-make all my hair plugs that I will be using for my reroot.

I take a hank of doll hair, cut it to the length I need and make each plug first. Then when I go to reroot my Monster High doll, all I have to do is insert the needle EYE first into the holes in the head and poke it out the bottom of the neck hole, thread the hair through the eye and pull then needle out the top of the head.

Rerooted Monster High doll Draculaura
Princess BubbleGum Monster High Doll reroot in progress

This is really the only way you can do it if you have the plugs pre-knotted.  You really wouldn't want to thread the hair on the needle, insert if point first into the neck hole and poke around until you find the hole you want to pull it out from. Yikes!

So, a few days later here is how Princess Bubblegum looked with her repaint and reroot.

Monster High Doll Draculaura Custom OOAK

Draculaura looks exceptionally cute with this shade of hair. Then again, Draculaura looks pretty cute no matter what hair color she has.


  1. This is so interesting! I have yet to get the courage up to take off a doll head and try to re-root it. Thanks so much for the great info. Your dolls are gorgeous.

  2. How many packs of hair do you use to reroot a whole monster high doll? :-)

    1. It depends on the type of hair, the way you reroot, the doll's head and even who you buy it from. Different vendors offer varying amounts of hair. I probably used one pack from Restore Doll.


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