Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How to Make Mohair Wefts for Monster High Doll Wigs ~ Weft Tutorial

 I want to show you how I make mohair wefts for my Monster High doll customs, so I created a short tutorial to show the basic method I use. There is more than one way to make wefts, some utilizing glue, latex, caulk, etc. This wefted mohair tutorial is done with a sewing machine and tulle.

I play around with mohair and other lamb locks a lot. I like to shop for doll hair and have a large collection of colors and different kinds of locks, from mohair, Cotswold locks and Wensleydale locks.

Here are some of the colorful locks I use to make doll wigs and apply directly to my doll's heads. I am really attracted to bright colors so this is paradise for me.

Usually when I make wigs for my Monster High Dolls, I glue the hair directly to the wig cap. The problem that can occur when you do this is that it is really easy for the glue to make an unwelcome appearance through the locks and show. No one wants the glue to show, so you have to be really careful along the top of your wigs when gluing the hair directly to the head or wig cap.

I saw some doll hair tutorials online that reminded me about using wefted mohair, or other locks to make doll wigs. I hadn't done this method in many years so I thought I would give it a try for my Monster High Dolls.

This method is done with a sewing machine and tulle. Try to use a tulle and thread color that is close to the color of your doll's hair. I'll show the ways I make wig caps in another post.

Opps typo. That should say TULLE not Tull.

This is the finished Monster High Doll wig made from wefted mohair. Amazing colors, isn't it?


  1. ok - when I read the title i was like - here is another tutorial that i will never understand. And then I read the tutorial. Thank you! it was wonderfully presented and extremely understandable: i am now off to buy some hair, to make a set of wigs and wefts.

  2. Where do you buy the hair? Im looking for pastels.

    Thanks you

    1. You can find pretty much anything you need on Etsy.

  3. Thank you!!! I have been trying to find what to attach the mohair to, to make a weft thingy and the tulle idea is fantastic!!!! Thanks again

  4. This is a great tutorial. Thank you so much.

  5. Wow... this is such a great tutorial.
    Greatful thank you for your kind sharing.
    It's clear and eazy to follow the step.


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