Friday, June 6, 2014

Monster High Hair Redo- How to Fix Honey Swamp's Hair

Honey Swamp is one of the newer Monster High Dolls that came out a few months ago, but I just got her the other day. Her hair is a disaster.

<<< Added Update 2/13/15 -- Apparently this post is causing an uproar among some folks who are taking great offense to the fact that I prefer the hair to lay flatter against Honey's head. They are accusing me of being "racially biased" against fluffy hair. Guys- I LOVVVVEEEE Big hair on dolls. FYI- my OWN hair is big. Nature grew it that way.

 I do however dislike the factory hair on Honey Swamp.  How anyone can think this is a racial issue is unthinkable to me because truly, I do not see a lot of Swamp Monsters running around in this world. Do you? Unless you are an actual Swamp Monster- please do not take offense at a toy that I choose to customize to suit my personal esthetic. And if you are a Swamp Monster, aren't you glad you now hair hair styling options? That is all. :) >>>

Honey Swamp Doll
Honey Swamp out of the box

 Honey Swamp's mess of curls is kind of cute. Very different from most of the doll line, but I prefer a little sleeker look and less of a bushy appearance. Honey Swamp's hair had to either go completely or be tamed. I was not in the mood to reroot it because that would take me a week and I was anxious to repaint her soon.

 I took off the rubber band that kind of holds her hair in place, and this is what happened:

Oh Crap. Honey Hair Disaster

So. the hair had to be fixed, Years ago I had a Barbie with similar hair and I managed to tame it. The first thing I did was put a pot of water on the stove and brought it to a boil.
 Before I tossed her in the water I drenched her hair in hair conditioner. It was Alberto Vo5 cause that's what I use and if it tames my hair, it should help Honey. Actually human hair conditioner doesn't do a lot for doll hair, but it does make it easier to get a comb through sometimes. Then, I turned off the heat and in she went, head first. I could have used fabric softener but I didn't have any on hand.

Boiling hot water can't hurt this swamp girl!

In order to tame hair with super tight curls, the hair needs to stay submerged in boiled hot water for about two minutes. Let me be clear, you are not going to get straight hair on Honey by this method. You will get a smoother looking version of her hair.

After about two minutes of a hot water soak, I removed her.  Then I ran her head under cold water while kind of holding it down around her to lengthen it and pull it down. Her hair defies gravity so it was a chore.

Honey Swamp's hair waiting to dry.

I then wrapped a white washcloth around her to hold her hair down. A rubber band holds it in position.  The I let her hair dry, which took several hours. When it was dry I removed the washcloth and this is what I had.

Not sure why her hand is on her crotch...LOL!

It was still a little damp here, but dried very similar eventually. It did not revert to its former style.

Here is the repainted, completed doll which has been sold.


  1. I love this. Thank you for sharing!

  2. That's a great look! I honestly don't understand some folks.
    I have just bought a Honey Swamp to redress (my hands are no longer steady enough at my age to repaint) and I was so pleased to see I wouldn't have to cut or reroot to make her look less like a dandelion seed head. :-)

  3. What race is a green swamp monster and do we know for sure that all green swamp monsters have kinky hair and that it would be a race issue to want to straighten their hair? I do love her hair either way but you are the artist, so how you want to do it is the right way to do it. People who stretch a situation to look for racial issues when there are none make it difficult to get attention when there really is something going on.

  4. Funny, because if a doll has stick straight hair and someone curls it, no one blinks an eye. But if it's curly and you want to smooth or straighten it, it's suddenly a race issue. People are strange. She looks fantastic!

  5. Getting one's hair chemically straightened/relaxed and sewing in straight hair from bags is big business. The race card has no game rules!

  6. I had no problem with the straightening, but I would advise AGAINST putting VO5 in her hair. HUGE MISTAKE!


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