Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Doll Clothes, Wigs, Hats and Commissions UPDATE

It's been about a month since my last blog post. So sorry about that. I really want to do more regular tutorials, but for some reason July just exploded for me with commissions- and that is a really good thing.

It's a funny thing, that I do 99 Monster High and Ever After High OOAK customs or repaints to every ONE Barbie I do, yet 90% of my commissions are for Barbies. I did OOAK Barbie dolls for 12 years, so my commission base is largely from people who knew me as a Barbie artist.

In the past several weeks I have had commissions for a Britney Spears- Scream and Shout doll, Storm ( Halle Barry ) from -Men, the singer Lorde, James from Twilight, and the Goddess Freya. These were all Barbie based. There were also a couple repaints thrown in as well.

On the Monster High side of things, I have made a Draculaura fairy that may just be my most favorite doll of all time, a custom Wisp ( from a GiGi Grant doll ), as well as several custom doll wigs.

 The above Draculaura Fairy was a commission and is now residing in France.

On top of all the commissions I decided that I wanted to stock my Etsy Store with lots of custom Monster High doll clothes, including dresses, pants & tops combos, gowns, and deluxe mermaid sets. Keep in mind that in all these years I have not made removable clothing as all my dolls were OOAK with the costumes permanently sewn on. So all of these removable doll clothes were a new thing for me.

Then I decided that hat making looked fun. I always enjoyed making custom witches, so witch hats were added to my Etsy store. They fit Monster High, Ever After High and Tonner Dolls. I really like fancy, slightly over-the-top while staying away from gaudy hats, hence my fancy smancy witch hats. See the hats here.

 And not everyone is going to want or need a witch hat, so I made some really cool and sophisticated regular hats.  These are all for sale on Etsy.

And then I decided I better keep on top of my wig making, so I made 30 or so wigs. I make most wigs of assorted fibers such as Teeswater locks, Wensleydale, Cotswold or Mohair. I also use Tibetan lamb for some wigs. AND I taught myself how to make wigs from wefted saran hair that look almost like a professionally made wig. I am proud of that...LOL!!! I haven't had time to make any for sale YET but I will be making some for my Etsy store once all these commissions are out of here. Unless, of course more come in.


I would really love to make more removable wings for the Monster High girls, but as you can see...unless I stay up all night long, that isn't happening for a while.

And lastly, I am going to revive a skill I taught myself last summer. I learned how to spin yarn on a drop spindle so that I could make my own dreadlocks for my dolls and my doll wigs. It's a good thing I learned as the lady who I purchased dreadlocks from for the past ten years doesn't seem to be making them anymore. So, I may offer custom spun dreadlocks in my Etsy store eventually.

I made these dreadlocks myself! 

And, on the supply side of things, I am also considering offering Tibetan Lamb fur for making doll wigs. Maybe even wig caps. So full of ideas that I need an extra 8 hours each day to do all this.

If you wonder how anyone has time for all this doll customizing, it is because this is my job. It is ALL I do, 10-12 hours a day, six days a week.  This is my full time profession, so all the time I can devote to it, I do.

So that's the update! Talk to you soon. I hope.


  1. "I made these dreadlocks myself" just strikes me as the best sentence of the day. She's gorgeous!

  2. I want to thank you for being such an inspiration and my #1 reference for repainting, re-rooting, and making wigs for monster high dolls. I just wish I could be as gifted as you, although I just started and I'm 13

  3. Thank you so much Anonymous 13 year old. That was just about the nicest and best thing anyone has said to me about my dolls. I am so glad this is all helpful to you. I wish you much fun in customizing your Monster High dolls. Thank you for writing to me. :)


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