Monday, August 25, 2014

Doll Hair- Wool Locks for Monster High Dolls , Hand Dyed Now Available for SALE

Well ya'll know I am a doll hair addict, right? I write a lot of posts about doll hair and tutorials about it, and post pretty pictures of wool locks of every color. I have showed you piles of hand dyed locks. Here's more: ( because I can't help myself )

I buy tons and tons of wool locks in all colors because I like the look and feel of it. Then I started making more and more wigs for the Monster High and Ever After Dolls.  I have a surplus of hair. Yet, I can't help buying more whenever I see a new pretty color.

And because I am not satisfied with being limited to the colors available that I can find online, I have learned to dye my own locks. I just bought 15 brand new colors of Jaquard Acid Dye from Dharma Trading. A full POUND of  white Cotswold locks came in the mail the other day. I am used to buying wool locks for doll hair by the ounce, which is actually quite a LOT of hair cause it is so darned light. A POUND is a TON of hair.

This is a full POUND of Cotswold Locks

Now check these out:

These are only a small sampling of the wool locks for doll hair that I am now offering in  my Etsy shop.

If you want to purchase locks for your Monster High Dolls in amounts appropriate to the size of the doll, my bundles are for you. When you buy online from some fiber artists what you get is an unsorted clump of tangled locks. In fact, this is how most sellers offer it. As a doll artist, I have to pick the locks myself, which personally I LOVE, but I doubt most people want to do this. It is very tedious and time consuming.

So, I have already done this. All my doll hair bundles of wool locks are picked and sorted and separated and ready to use. The amounts are done not just by weight, because that can be very inaccurate. I KNOW how much hair you need for a Monster High Doll head because it's my job to know this. It's what I do. Wigs, dolls, hair.  You get an amount that will do one head with probably a little left as long as you apply it correctly.

 If you find you do not have enough hair when doing a rehair or wig with my bundles, it means you are applying too many rows, applying it too densely, or too much on the lower and back of the head. I usually use far less on my own wigs and doll's heads than I am including in these bundles, so rest assured, there is enough for ONE Monster High or similar size head and you should have some leftover.

I plan on writing a comprehensive tutorial on how to work with wool locks to make your own wigs and apply directly to the head. Hopefully I can get this done soon.

COMING SOON- Yeah- you guessed it- More HAIR STUFF.

Guess what else I am going to be offering soon??? DREADLOCKS for dolls!!!
Stay tuned !!

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  1. Write the wig tutorial so I can buy some of your gorgeous wool!


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