Friday, October 3, 2014

Tutorial- How to Fix your Monster High or Fashion Doll's Bangs When They Stick Up

 Want to know how to easily fix your Monster High or Fashion Doll's bangs if they stick up and go all crazy on you? I did a quick tutorial to show you a easy way to fix them so they look like they did before.

I am always careful when I repaint a doll with bangs. You need to keep the bangs off the face in order to paint it, especially when you work on the eyebrows and eyes.  If you use something to hold the bangs back off the face while working on it, you risk the bangs not laying flat when you are finished.

Also, when you reroot a doll and root in bangs, when you cut the hair to bang length you'll find it sticks straight out in front. You have to fix this somehow. Here's how:

I finished repainting my Elissabat  Monster High Doll and this is what her hair looked like after I removed the paper towel that I had pinned to her head to keep the bangs off her face when working on her.

Below: The first thing I did was cut out a little piece of cardstock to make a mask that would cover her face. This is ESSENTIAL. Do NOT skip this step!!! I pinned it with straight pins on either side of her head under the hair so the pin holes wouldn't show. Be careful not to pin your doll through her face! See below:

Okay, now that her face is protected, take a small washcloth and wet it, Wring it out so it is damp.  Fold bangs down over her forehead where they belong and place damp cloth on head to hold bangs down. See below:

Heat up an iron on low-medium setting. You don't need it super hot. When iron is hot, press lightly down over damp washcloth to flatten bangs. See below:

Lift up the damp cloth and check if the bangs are laying flat yet. If not, keep pressing down with the iron a few seconds at a time. Don't worry if you hear sizzling. It's just the heat of the iron reacting to the damp cloth.

When the bangs are flat and where they should be, remove the face guard.

And there it is- how to fix your Monster High or Fashion Doll's bangs.


  1. Hello Donna,

    What is the best way to get into contact with you about faceups and reroot commissions?

    1. All my contact information can be found if you look to the right side of this article- under PAGES- it says Social Media- Where I Can Be Found. There are lots of places listed :)))


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