Saturday, November 22, 2014

Dreadlock Doll Wigs for BJD, Monster High Dolls, Tonner and more

Just a  quick post to introduce my newest line of dreadlock doll wigs for BJD, Monster High Dolls, Tonner 16" Fashion Dolls ( Tyler ) and similar.

I am dreadlock doll wigs to fit Monster High Dolls, Lati Yellow, Hujoo Baby, Hujoo Berry, Ellowyne Wilde, Tonner Tyler and similar, Littlefee, and Minifee, as well as any other dolls with head sizes from 5.5 - 8".

My newest style OOAK Custom dolls wigs are done in dreadlock style art yarn that I spin myself. Long story of the creation of these will come soon- but for now just some pics and a link or two.

My OOAK Custom dreadlock BJD doll wigs range in size from 5.5 - 8 " wig size.

Here are some recent wigs I have made for BJD, Tyler and Monster High Dolls.

Various styles and sizes available in my Etsy store and eBay.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My First BJD Doll - The Birth of another obsession?

 For years I have admired the breathtaking beauty of Ball Jointed Dolls. In fact, I have a Pinterest Board devoted to them, but until this week I had never seen a BJD in person. In fact, if I didn't need a doll with this particular size head to serve as a wig model for my custom wigs, I wouldn't have her at all.

Most ball jointed dolls are so far out of my price range that it is laughable. But, after an internet search of "cheap BJD" I came across several companies that had dolls available at a good price. Seeing as I only needed this doll because of her head size and to serve as a wig model, I did not need to spend much money.

I know that to many who collect BJDs, that a NON resin doll may not even count as a BJD, but since I am a novice who the heck cares.

So, I looked on Junky Spot's website and found that a Hujoo Berry was the perfect doll for me. Looked a little more on eBay and bought her there, from Junky Spot.

She arrived three days later. Remember your first time handling a BJD? I had no idea the whole doll was held together by stretch cord. My entire 15 year doll customizing career centered around Barbie, Tonner Dolls, Ellowyne Wilde and then Monster High Dolls the past few years. THIS doll was totally different from what I was used to.

First of all, I couldn't get the back of her head off. I turned to Google again and found a blog post by someone saying how hard it was to get Hujoo Berry's head off and to try a letter opener to pop it open. Well, eventually with an awful lot of effort I got it off.

Inside her head I found these two rubbery things that I did not identify. I put them aside and figured their use would become apparent eventually.

SO there she was. Bald, no eyes and in three more days I would notice that she actually came with TWO left hands, which was a mistake at the factory and not standard practice...LOL! Junky Spot was super nice and said they'd send me a right hand.

My new Hujoo Doll- "Berry "

The first thing I did the next day was to give her three coats of MSC to prep her for her faceup. I wanted to get it done before her eyes arrived. More about her eyes in a minute.

So she was prepped for her faceup. I have been repainting dolls for 14 years. And yet, because she was a brand new, and my first, BJD I was nervous. Where to start? Logically, start around the inner eyelids. Rosy pink. Nice. Proceed to add a little peachy shading to over the eyes and around the nose.

 I think it is far easier to do a faceup on a doll without eyes. Earlier this week I did a repaint on an Ellowyne Wilde doll that had inset glass eyes. There was really no way to avoid getting the spray sealer on her eyeballs when I had to apply repeated coats over the course of the repaint. And by repaint, I really mean faceup- virtually no paint was used on Ellowyne.  I tried covering her eye area but it didn't work. This is her before I removed her face and lashes. I bought her for a wig model also.

Ellowyne Wilde before repaint- inset glass eyes

Ellowyne with no face paint left
 So back to Berry. Next were the eyebrows. Since she is suppose to be a young doll,
 ( despite  the bosom - why do they do that? ) I knew she should have that innocent look that most dolls her age/ size have.

Berry with eyebrows

 So the basics are down, including a little bit of white teeth showing between her slightly parted lips. Very delicate pale pink, peach and a touch of charcoal pastels are all I used on her eyes for now. Later I added in eyeliner and lashes, as well as blush.  I didn't get step by step pics for all that though. As usual, I forgot. Lips and glossing finished it all up.

But she still needed her eyes. I couldn't tell what she would end up looking like.
I ordered her eyes off Etsy from a seller one town over. Three days passed and still no eyes. Really? From ONE town away?

I messaged the eyeball Etsy seller and got ZERO response. Three days after that my eyes finally arrived. Had I ordered them from across country they would have gotten here quicker. And you know what? I wanted hazel green eyes and accidentally asked for the hazel eyes..sigh. Oh well.

I put the eyeballs inside her head, into the large, rounded openings and then realized what those funny rubbery things they sent me inside her head were. EYEBALL Holders! I always read you had to use putty or something so this was a nice surprise. They held the eyeballs in perfectly.

Hujoo Berry with faceup by Fantasy Dolls

So there she is- eyes inserted. But she had no clothes! Oh oh! I knew my Monster High Doll clothes would never fit her.  My next best possibility was Barbie clothes. And you know what? They fit. Well the tops do- not the pants, which are too long.

I put a cute youngish tee shirt on her and Barbie's capri pants fit rather well. It was good enough to keep her clothed until I can make her a nice dress suitable for her style.
But in order to see how cute she COULD look as my size 7.5 - 8 head model for my doll wigs, I gave her a little preview. I haven't made any sizes for her yet, but they are in the works. 

Here she is with a wig that is not her size, but makes her looks super cute anyways.

Berry in custom doll wig 

What did I learn by buying my first BJD, even though hr use is supposed to be as a wig model? I learned that I MUST get more of these. The faceup procedure on a BJD is so fun that I long to do it again.  I guess this is how the ball jointed doll obsession starts.