Saturday, November 22, 2014

Dreadlock Doll Wigs for BJD, Monster High Dolls, Tonner and more

Just a  quick post to introduce my newest line of dreadlock doll wigs for BJD, Monster High Dolls, Tonner 16" Fashion Dolls ( Tyler ) and similar.

I am dreadlock doll wigs to fit Monster High Dolls, Lati Yellow, Hujoo Baby, Hujoo Berry, Ellowyne Wilde, Tonner Tyler and similar, Littlefee, and Minifee, as well as any other dolls with head sizes from 5.5 - 8".

My newest style OOAK Custom dolls wigs are done in dreadlock style art yarn that I spin myself. Long story of the creation of these will come soon- but for now just some pics and a link or two.

My OOAK Custom dreadlock BJD doll wigs range in size from 5.5 - 8 " wig size.

Here are some recent wigs I have made for BJD, Tyler and Monster High Dolls.

Various styles and sizes available in my Etsy store and eBay.

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