Saturday, December 20, 2014

Frankie Stein Monster High Doll Repaint Faceup Demo Tutorial

Here is another quick photo demo of my latest Frankie Stein repaint, or faceup.  I forget what Frankie this was, as I have dolls for months or more before I repaint them. I debox when I get them home and they are stored in a drawer until they are prepped for their repaint.

As always, I start by removing all factory paint with acetone. Don't let anyone ever tell you that acetone is not safe to use on a vinyl fashion doll face. I have been a doll repaint artist for 14 years and can have repainted more than a thousand dolls. ALL of them had their factory paint removed with acetone. Every professional doll artist I know does this. So if anyone tells you otherwise, they are incorrect. What you do not want to do is get acetone on a doll's BODY. It will eat/melt the plastic.  It has no effect, however, on the vinyl face.

 So on with the little photo demo of Frankie and her repaint. In an effort to keep this brief enough to blog about, a lot of steps aren't shown. If you want to see EVERY step I take in a Monster High Doll Repaint Tutorial, check out my popular Tutorial CD that teaches you every single thing you need, from pastels to watercolor pencils to acrylic paint to EXACTLY what brushes you need--- Monster High Makeovers.

If you have enjoyed this Monster High doll repaint demo, check out my Deuce Gorgon demo too!

The finished doll, ready for sale!

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