Sunday, December 7, 2014

How to remove Deuce Gorgon's Snake Hair - Monster High Tutorial

Deuce Gorgon has some awesome snake hair. But what do you do if you want to remove Deuce's snake hair helmet? This was my recent problem.

Deuce Gorgon Monster High Doll with head of snakes

I wanted to repaint Deuce, but didn't want to keep his snake hair. When I redo a Monster High doll, I usually redo the hair completely. Deuce is no exception.

When I deboxed Deuce I just assumed his "hair" came off like a helmet. I had no idea it was glued on with glue so strong that it was impossible to pry that snake hair off!

The first thing I did was take a pliers and grab that nest of snakes on top of Deuce Gorgon's head. With a firm tugging I pried the snakes off his head. Start with the front section and pull up. It may take a little effort to remove Deuce's snake heads.

Deuce has his snake removal done

The snakes and the rest of his snake patterned scalp are two separate sections.

Here's what you will see when you pry the snakes off his head. I know that looks like a deep cavernous hole but it isn't.  This could easily be filled in with apoxie sculpt cause unless you wig him, that hole will  make gluing new hair to his head a problem.

The next step is to start at one sideburn and gently pry it up. I used a metal letter opener- The same one I use when I do dolly head and hair removals.

Removing Deuce Gorgon's hair

Pry up as much as you can to loosen it from the sides.

Insert letter opener into the hair on the top of Deuce's head and loosen what you can there as well. If you feel that Deuce's snake hair is stuck on too tightly, you can hasten the process. Boil a pot of water, same as you would for head and hair removal.  Turn off heat.
Let his head soak for 5 minutes in the hot water.  Then use the metal letter opener again and you should be able to get his hair off a little better once the adhesive has softened a bit.

Deuce Gorgon hair removal complete

It is not a pretty sight, what is under Deuce's snake hair. There's a ridge where the hair sat on his head, and maybe some glue residue.

Deuce Gorgon without his snake hair

Now that you have learned how to remove Deuce Gorgon's snake hair, you can consider what you will replace it with. I am unsure whether I am going to make him some dreadlocks, or just use some of my Tibetan Lamb fur to give him a new look.

His repaint is in progress now, so I'll update when he is complete.

Deuce Gorgon has had his repaint! View the results here.


  1. Thank you for this! I had a little accident with my Deuce, I pulled the hair a bit too strongly and he got a small hole where his 'sideburn' on the right would have been. So I got him a wig. :'''D

  2. I wish I had read this before I completely destroyed my deuce's head. He's such a pretty boy, shame to waste him :(

  3. Lol, mi Dawn of the dance deuce's snakes fell off in the back. Right now he has some super glue there and some rubber bands holding them on while his hair dries. I am thinking that you can do this with the Gil doll because his hair seems to be the same way (kind of).

  4. I followed your instructions, but his glue was so strong and so much of it. the boiling water didn't work. I finally got a small part of the cap loose. I poured some acetone inside and just kept working on prying it up a little at a time. It took me over three hours to get the snake cap off. but i did it, now what can I fill the hole on the top of his head with so I can re-root him?

  5. For heads that have been only lightly ruined, you can use a layer of paper mache and air dry clay to fix it. Then same colour paint to colour!


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