Monday, January 19, 2015

Monster High Repaint Demo Tutorial Cleo Denile Makeover

My Latest Monster High Doll Cleo DeNile Makeover- Full Repaint and Hair Replacement with Tibetan Lamb Fur. It's not a  full step by step demo, cause as per my usual forgetfulness, I sometimes get on roll during the repaint and forget to take photos.

 All Hair was removed using my easy hair removal method as I wrote about here.

Then the factory paint was removed with acetone and a few cotton balls. Now that she has a clean face, I started by spraying on three coats of Mister Super Clear to prep her face for the application of pastels and watercolor pencils, because even though we call this a repaint, I have used no acrylic paint on this Cleo DeNile repaint.

 I start by defining Cleo's eye shape with watercolor pencils. I am partial to Derwent.

 I have then started shading in areas that I want to define, which creates a more realistic effect. I don't like dolls to look like cartoon characters, as this is not my style, so I always use the application of shading and highlighting for realism.

Although I used to use white watercolor pencils for the eye sclera, I no longer do this. I exclusively use white pastels now. This enables me to blend the white with the shadows at the sides and upper eye area that is in shadow from the upper lid.

 I did a lot of eyebrow work in between these photos. In between photos is where I might have added another coat of sealer.

 Repaint of Cleo is coming to it's conclusion. A lot of little detail work goes on behind the scenes, but you can see how nicely she has evolved.  I do most of my iris shading with pastels as well.  It is much easier to blend my colors with pastels than watercolor pencils.
Even the lips are mostly pastels, although I do the basic outlining with pencil.

All that is left is to seal the repaint with more spray sealer, and then gloss the lips and or irises if I chose to.

Once the repaint of our Monster High Cleo was done, I chose to use Tibetan Lamb fur as her hair. I dyed it in a stunning golden red shade and using permanent adhesive, gave her new hair.  I sell Tibetan Lamb fur for doll hair and wig making and make wigs from it, so I always have lots on hand.

Here is my Cleo DeNile repaint and she is for sale in my Etsy shop.